TIME Magazine Best Inventions 2016

by | Nov 22, 2016

If you’ve ever been asked by someone, “What is Kid Power?” you can now tell them with confidence, “One of the best inventions of 2016!”

That’s right! UNICEF Kid Power was recently named to TIME Magazine’s list of the year’s top 25 best inventions.

As a member of our Kid Power Team, you have played a huge role in Kid Power’s success. Not only are you getting your students to move more, you are inspiring them to save lives and help others. You know that these are not just ordinary fitness wristbands — these are wearables for good and UNICEF Kid Power is helping kids everywhere.

We hope you are as excited about this new title – “best invention of 2016” – as we are! So if you’re at a dinner party, making small talk with a stranger in a coffee shop, or swapping strategies with other teachers, we hope you are proud to share UNICEF Kid Power with others and encourage them to join our Kid Power Team.

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Kid Power students have walked over 580,000 miles,
equal to the earth’s circumference 23 times.

What is UNICEF Kid Power?

Our grant program is for schools in need. Lorem ispum dolor sit amet. Is your school part of Let’s Move Active Schools? We have a special program just for you!