Brain Breaks That Save Lives!

UNICEF Kid Power Ups get your kids active and saving lives with every dance move they make. Each time your group completes 10 Kid Power Ups, they unlock one packet of RUTF to treat a child with severe acute malnutrition. The more your kids dance, the more lives they save!

UNICEF Kid Power empowers kids to get active for good

Named to TIME Magazine’s 2016 list of Best Inventions, UNICEF Kid Power leverages easy-to-use technology with the first wearable-for-good to empower students to get active and help other kids. Along with classroom lessons about global citizenship, students learn that they can make a difference in this world.

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“My kids are so pumped to help other kids! They move. All. Day. Long!!!”
— Teacher, Las Vegas, NV


Students across the country are now activating their power with the UNICEF Kid Power Team!






Kid Power Points Earned*


RUTF Packets Unlocked**

Impact from 2017-2018 School Year

*One point ≈2,400 steps
**10 Kid Power Points unlock one packet of RUTF.

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Kid Power is 100-million percent awesome sauce.
— 4th grader, NYC