We know the holidays are a busy time and students start to get a little antsy in the classroom, especially when colder temperatures make it challenging to be active outdoors. Our Kid Power families have started doing this basic 12-move circuit at home — and they’ve been loving it so much, we thought you might like to try it with your classroom.

We’ve adapted the family circuit for any fitness and grade level. It can also be easily done in a classroom, on the recess yard, or in a school gym/cafeteria. The moves are simple and students can always power up by doing them with the extra weight of books.

The 12-move circuit is a great way to get your Kid Power team active and earning points!

  • 1 set of crab A-B-Cs (from “crab position” tap each shoulder with opposite hand saying the alphabet – or all the states in the U.S. – with each tap)
  • 2 100-step sprints
  • 3 minutes jogging in place (or 3 laps around a gym or track!)
  • 4 push-ups
  • 5 bicep curls
  • 6 single leg hops (each leg)
  • 7 mountain climbers
  • 8 sit-ups
  • 9 jump and taps (stand against wall with arm closest to the wall extended, jump up and tap wall with other hand)
  • 10 windmills (stand—feet shoulder width apart—arms outstretched, bend at waist, swing left arm towards right foot. Stand, repeat other side)
  • 11 jumping jacks
  • 12 squat jumps

Repeat the circuit a couple times if you want to get your students moving more. And don’t forget to sync their fitness bands each week to ensure their activity earns points and unlocks funding!