So you want to join the UNICEF Kid Power Team? Great move! UNICEF Kid Power was recently named to TIME Magazine’s list of the year’s best inventions!  

But maybe you’re not quite sure how to find the funds to buy a classroom kit? We understand. We know budgets are tight and resources limited. Here are a few ideas to help you fund your kit and join the UNICEF Kid Power Team:

1. First, ask your school principal or PTO.  We know school budgets are generally planned well in advance, but as the saying goes, “If you don’t ask, the answer is always no.” Be prepared to talk about the value and benefits of UNICEF Kid Power and answer questions. (Hint: See our FAQs.) Even if they cannot find room in this year’s budget to pay for the kit, you can ask if they can include it in next year’s school budget.

2. Next, start a fundraiser on or another crowdsource site.  This is a great time of year to create a “Holiday Wish List” for your classroom and share it with parents, friends and colleagues. It’s completely free to post a project on It takes about 30 minutes to setup, but more than 70% of all projects are funded. And if you need help with the messaging, reach out to us by email and we’re happy to share copy with you!

3. Reach out to local organizations, businesses, government, nonprofits, etc., that may be willing to help underwrite costs of the fitness bands.  There are many generous organizations in communities across the U.S. that want to donate to schools and support teachers. Large corporate businesses are known for giving grants to local schools, and there are countless service organizations that actively seek out classrooms in need of special programs or supplies. Even city councils will sometimes have budgets set aside for special ad hoc grant requests — and as one of the “best inventions of the year,” we think they’ll see the value in UNICEF Kid Power.

Finally, we are always happy to help any answers you might have about the UNICEF Kid Power Schools program. Please feel free to email us anytime at