Privacy and protection of children’s personal information is one of UNICEF’s primary concerns. We treat this issue with extreme care and diligence. As educators leading a team of children in UNICEF Kid Power, this is what you (and parents) need to know about the UNICEF Kid Power Bands.

What information does the UNICEF Kid Power Band track? 
  • The Kid Power Band measures physical activity only (steps and movement) using the Band’s pedometer and accelerometer.
  • The Band does not track the location of the person wearing it. The Band software does not have access to any location data or personal information.
What data does the UNICEF Kid Power Band collect? 
  • The physical activity data is completely private, and only viewable by the child’s “Coach” (teacher, group leader).
  • The physical activity data is collected in the aggregate only and may be shared with our research partners. We never share any individual data.
What personal information is required to participate in UNICEF Kid Power? 
  • The personal information that is inputted into our web app includes a child’s username, grade and gender. This information is viewable only by his/her Coach (teacher, group leader).
  • Review our FAQs for additional information about the Kid Power Band. If parents have additional questions, please encourage them to email our Support team.

While we hope all students will want to participate in UNICEF Kid Power, we want everyone to know their personal information is safe and secure.