This spring, more than 100,000 kids around the U.S. are getting active and saving lives with UNICEF Kid Power. In May, as the school year ends, we’re inviting everyone to join them by making an end-of-year event a Kid Power Day. When you host a Kid Power Day, you help UNICEF deliver more lifesaving nutrition to malnourished children around the globe!

Helping More Kids

Last year, over 300 Kid Power Days were held during Kid Power Month, celebrating the impact that students were making through this award-winning Kids Helping Kids initiative. Some schools hosted field days and STEM obstacle courses, while others hosted food drives, soccer tournaments, and even turned Sunday schools into opportunities to connect physical activity to lifesaving impact.

Dance Away With a Kid Power Day

This year, we want to get kids moving and grooving with dance parties! UNICEF Kid Power Ups are short, interactive activity breaks set to music that help unlock ready-to-use therapeutic food that is used in the treatment for severe acute malnutrition. The more kids DANCE, the more lives they can save. In other words, Kid Power Ups are an ideal for incorporating into any end-of-year event and making it a Kid Power Day. 

How It Works

  1. Sign up to unlock lifesaving impact. Sign up here to let us know about your event and unlock five packets of lifesaving nutrition for children around the world.
  2. Get free Kid Power Ups. Sign up here to access the free library of music videos that will get kids moving and grooving. (If you’re already participating in our UNICEF Kid Power Schools program, you already have access through your same login.) 
  3. Stream Kid Power Ups at your event. Track your progress as you get closer to unlocking lifesaving nutrition with every dance you complete.

RSVP to Join Us

Sign up by May 30 to make sure your event has the most lifesaving impact. Visit here to get some additional tips on making your event a Kid Power Day.

***Want to do more than dance? Visit here to find other games from around the world to use at your Kid Power Day.