The one-week countdown is officially on! Next week, our UNICEF Kid Power 2018 Spring Program launches, and we are excited to take 3,000 teachers and 100,000 students on a Kids Helping Kids journey to become empowered global citizens. YES! 

Many teachers have already received their classroom kits, complete with tablets and the coveted, blue UNICEF Kid Power Bands. As you prepare for your journey, we made a list of the top 10 tips (and tricks!) that will help you get started and ensure you have a smooth journey.  

#1 – Getting Started with Wi-Fi

The UNICEF Kid Power tablet is fundamental to participating in our Schools program. You will use it for syncing bands, accessing the online Coaches portal, and more. But it needs to be connected to Wi-Fi. First things first, you’ll want to make sure your tablet is fully charged. Then, if your school has good WiFi, you can connect to it by opening the tablet settings (the gear icon), selecting the “Wi-Fi” option in the left menu bar, then finding and selecting your Wi-Fi network, and clicking connect. If you do not have access to Wi-Fi, then your tablet or kit will include a SIM card (or a SIM card will be sent to you separately).

#2 – Linking and Registering Kid Power Bands

Once your tablet is connected, you can begin registering and linking the blue Kid Power Bands. Start by charging 10 Bands with the charging brick. While those Bands are charging, you can start registering and linking the other bands following the instructions in Step 2. It could take about 30 minutes and up to 1 hour to link and register all of your students’ bands (depending on how many you have).

#3 – Charge & Sync Kid Power Bands WEEKLY!

Charge Kid Power Bands at least once per week during a quiet time of the school day, like reading time or when students are sitting in their desks. It takes about 1-2 hours to fully charge the Bands. (Hint: A battery icon will appear on the clock screen when the battery is low!)

“I setup a charging station in the back of my classroom where students charge their Bands during reading time every Monday and Thursday afternoon. It works well and it’s easy to stick to the schedule.” – 3rd Grade Teacher in California

You’ll also want to sync the Kid Power Bands at least once each week. It only takes a few minutes ~ and you can do a “group sync” to get your entire class all at once. Syncing ensures that your students’ activity earns points to unlock the packets of therapeutic food. If students don’t sync their Bands, they can’t help other kids.

So, pick a day of the week — any day — and make that the day your class charges and syncs their bands. (We hear Friday afternoons before school lets out for the weekends is also a good motivator!)

#4 – Adjusting the Time on Your Tablet and Kid Power Bands! 

This is a good one to remember for Daylight Savings (or any time you change time zones). When you sync the Band, the clock will self-correct. The step tracker also resets every night at midnight (local time), though the points keep cumulating until the next sync.

As for the Tablet, you will need to go into Settings (the gear icon in the home screen). Select the “Date and Time” option in the left menu bar, and manually change the time. Easy-peasy!

#5 – Are Kid Power Bands Waterproof?  

We get this one A LOT! The Bands are water *resistant* — so good in the rain or when washing hands. In other words, kids will have NO excuse for not washing their hands! 😂 The Bands, however, are NOT waterproof and may not function after extensive exposure to water for long periods of time, like when swimming or showering.

#6 – Bands Track Activity ONLY (not Location!) 

This is an important one, especially to share with parents! We are both COPPA and FERPA compliant, and are very proactive about protecting students’ personal information. We take this extremely seriously. Please read this full post to learn more about how the Band works and what information is collected.

#7 – Follow the Leader(board) 

Kids love to play “Follow the Leader!” and students love tracking the Kid Power Leaderboard. When students sync regularly, they can see their impact directly in the Leaderboard and know they are making a difference. This in turn can reinforce positive behaviors and encourage them to get even more active.

Within the Leaderboard, you can also find and follow other classrooms and schools that might be near you! And wouldn’t it be fun to connect virtually or in real-life for a Kid Power Day in May?! (More on that in a future post…)

#8 – Do kids get to keep their Kid Power Bands?

Yes, yes, and YES! As part of this free Schools program, these Bands are intended especially for your students to keep. At the end of the school year, please let students take them home (with a charging cord) to continue getting active and saving lives with our Family app. We’ll share more about how students transition at the end of the year in May.

Also, remember that one of the bands in the kit is for you! We want you getting active too. Kids can’t have all the fun!

#9 – Our Support Team Loves to Make You Smile 

Really, we have a dedicated Customer Support team who are all knowledgeable and skilled troubleshooters. On top of that, they are 100% committed to making people happy. If you can’t find the answer in our FAQs, you can send them a message and they will get back to you as quick as they can with an answer.

#10 – Get Free Global Education Resources!

Bookmark this page on your computer/tablet/phone now:

A fundamental part of Kid Power is learning about what it means to be a global citizen. We have dozens of free educational resources categorized by grade level (3-5 and 6-8). You can search for lessons by missions or activity type. These lessons can be incorporated in your classroom in as little as 10-15 minutes, and focus on developing students’ 21st century skills.

Now, are you ready? Get set…..