For over a decade, TeachUNICEF has been a hub for educators and leaders looking for resources to guide the next generation of global citizens. In light of UNICEF Kid Power’s global focus and growing influence, we’re excited to expand UNICEF Kid Power to include TeachUNICEF’s incredible network!

In two years of bringing UNICEF Kid Power to thousands of educators, we have learned new ways to ensure that our resources are meeting the needs of busy teachers. With these learnings in mind, we are paving the way for all globally-focused educators to benefit from what UNICEF Kid Power has to offer.

How will this happen? For starters, we’ll continue cultivating a robust network of leaders who teach and support UNICEF’s initiative and values. This means continuing to create free global education resources for programs like UNICEF Kid Power, Trick-or-Treat for UNICEF, and other UNICEF-related education initiatives.

Whether you want to learn more about UNICEF Kid Power or continue to educate your students about global citizenship and new cultures, you can bookmark our UNICEF Kid Power curriculum page—a place where you access all TeachUNICEF materials as Missions or standalone resources.

Be sure to join TeachUNICEF on Facebook and Twitter, where we will post useful information on our activities and resources.

Stay tuned for more exciting news regarding new materials that will be added soon!