As educators, you know it firsthand: when students are physically active, they behave and learn better in the classroom. And more and more experts are confirming it. (Check out this New York Times article.)

Odds are that as an educator, you are already using short activity breaks as a way to improve students’ performance, focus and behavior. We want to take these breaks and turn them into an opportunity for you and your kids to save lives and become active, global citizens. 

UNICEF Kid Power Ups are short, interactive tracks with simple dance moves and music that can be played virtually anywhere—from the classroom to the playing field. Each time a group completes a Kid Power Up track, it unlocks one therapeutic food packet to help treat a severely malnourished child. The more kids DANCE, the more lives they save.

We’re inviting educators to register to try UNICEF Kid Power Ups for free, and get access to a collection of Kid Power Up tracks that will add purpose—the chance to save lives—to your activity breaks.

After you and your kids have had a chance to try UNICEF Kid Power Ups, show us your moves! When we produced these tracks in collaboration with Les Mills / BORN TO MOVE™ we tried our best to master some of the steps, but we have a pretty strong feeling your kids are going to be better than us. So tag us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram with #teachunicef and #kidpowerups!