Many schools across the U.S. recently hit the 100-days or halfway mark for their school year. Our full-year Kid Power Schools Program also hit this mark, and the impact they have made in such a short timeframe is nothing short of amazing! 

Since October 2016, approximately 2,700 students in 130 classrooms have been getting active with the Kid Power Bands and earned more than 270,000 Kid Power Points. This means they have collectively unlocked over 27,000 lifesaving food packets for severely malnourished children. To put it simply, their impact is saving the lives of children around the world!  

Even better, our Schools program is about to grow exponentially. Starting on March 1, our Spring program will launch with over 170,000 students in 6,300 classrooms joining our UNICEF Kid Power Team. Just imagine how many ready-to-use therapeutic food packets can be unlocked by all of these students! 

This is why UNICEF Kid Power is being touted as the movement that could end global malnutrition. Don’t believe us? Read this article in Forbes

If you are a UNICEF Kid Power teacher, hopefully you will see the positive impact firsthand with the students in your classroom — but you can also be assured that you and your students are making a significant impact in our unified mission to end global malnutrition!