In Klamath Falls, the city of sunshine, two classrooms lead a project to fill a car with enough food for 800 kids!

It all began with learning about great inventions. The class had been learning about different inventions that changed the world. One week, Ms. Bird turned on a video that explained how kids could help end global malnutrition through an invention called the UNICEF Kid Power Band. “Wait!” her students shouted, “Isn’t that what you have on your wrist?”

With that, Ms. Bird introduced UNICEF Kid Power to her class. Her class could not believe they were all getting Bands—they would be able to help make a difference! Many students cheered, and some even cried. Naming themselves the Conger Cougars, Ms. Bird’s class went on to unlock over 700 packets of RUTF in three months, enough to save the lives of at least four severely malnourished children.

As the Conger Cougars opened their eyes to how they could impact the world, they also began to wonder how they could make a difference in their community. Together they created a list of issues they could tackle as a team. Included in the list was the problem of hunger in their neighborhoods; UNICEF Kid Power had made them think more deeply about this issue. Through a vote, the Conger Cougars decided that they would lead a community service project where they would fill a car with food donations for kids living in their neighborhoods. Their goal was to fill an entire Subaru. They specifically gathered food from a kid-friendly food wish list provided by Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank.

The Conger Cougars were not on their own. They went from class to class giving speeches to ask other kids to help with gathering donations, and they were joined by another UNICEF Kid Power team named the Sasha Scorpions in a neighboring school, Ferguson Elementary. The Ferguson Champions were the only other UNICEF Kid Power Team in Klamath Falls, and the two classes bonded over their UNICEF Kid Power journeys as well as their commitment to serving their community.

By the end of the food drive, the kids of Klamath Falls were able to gather 4200 pounds of food, which was enough food for 800 kids. The Subaru they had filled was so full, that there were bags full of cans sticking out from its windows! The employees at Klamath Falls Subaru/Honda were so impressed that they volunteered their own time to go to Klamath-Lake Counties Food Bank and organize the food themselves.

The kids of Klamath Falls were able to gather 4,200 pounds of food, which was enough food for 800 kids.

This year, the Shasta Scorpions, a UNICEF Kid Power Class at Shasta Elementary School in Klamath Falls, paid it forward by collecting over 500 pounds of books for schools in Texas after Hurricane Harvey hit. Every two days, they help kids around the world by syncing their Kid Power Bands at school. They usually set a team goal, and they cheer when they meet that goal!