It’s almost the end of the school year ~ my how time flies when you’re having fun helping other kids!

Over 100,000 students across the country have become empowered to make a difference in this world. Even though our Schools Program winds down on May 31, the journey doesn’t have to end with the school year! We want students to continue their journeys of being global citizens and getting active to save lives.

Here are a few important details about how students can continue their UNICEF Kid Power journey after June 1. 

  • All students get to keep their UNICEF Kid Power Bands! YES!! Let them take the bands home to keep forever and ever! (See what one coach from last year did.)
  • Beginning on June 1, students can continue being a part of this Kids Helping Kids journey with our free Family app!
  • Download these instructions for transitioning and send home with students before June 1. Instructions for families are available in English, Spanish, Mandarin and Arabic.
  • When students download the free app, they can continue to get active and save lives with every step they take! They will continue going on missions, learning about children in other countries around the globe, and making a lifesaving impact.
  • Before your last day of school (and by June 1), sync students’ bands one final time to make sure every step counts towards unlocking therapeutic food packets that UNICEF will deliver to severely malnourished children this summer.
  • Last, but certainly not least, Kid Power Coaches get to keep their tablets! If you’re using data, the data plan will turn off on June 1, but the tablet is all yours to keep and continue using (on wifi) in perpetuity!

And Kid Power Coaches — if you haven’t already taken the end-of-program survey, please take 5 minutes to do so today. We want to continue to improve UNICEF Kid Power next year, and we can only do so with your feedback!


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