Get Active & Save Lives with UNICEF Kid Power Ups!

Active students make better learners. Research has shown that short activity breaks in the classroom can improve students’ performance, focus and behavior.* Averaging five minutes in length, each Kid Power Up track will get students moving in a fun way, powering up their minds and bodies so they can focus and learn better in the classroom.

Brain breaks that save lives!

Get Active

UNICEF Kid Power Ups get your kids active and saving lives with every dance move they make. Kid Power Up videos were produced in collaboration with Les Mills / BORN TO MOVE™ classes take the effort out of activity by making it fun.

Save Lives

Each time your group completes a Kid Power Up track, they unlock a packet of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF), thanks to support from our Kid Power partners and fans. UNICEF uses RUTF to treat children suffering from severe acute malnutrition, a life-threatening condition that affects 16 million children worldwide.

Get Started Now!

Try UNICEF Kid Power Ups for free!** You will get access to a collection of interactive, age appropriate videos putting movement to music, and purpose to your activity breaks.

The more kids dance, the more lives saved!

**This is a trial program with free access available until Spring 2018. We will notify all registered users two weeks in advance of the trial period end date. At that time, subscribers will have the opportunity to continue their subscription.