Brain Breaks That Save Lives!

Kid Power Ups are short, interactive videos that get kids dancing and moving—the ideal brain break to help kids re-focus and learn more.

These activity breaks also help other children around the world. It’s a winning combination of kids-helping-kids, and teachers and students all over the U.S. are loving it!

My students need frequent breaks and this is a fun way to track their activity. Plus, we get to help other kids in need.” - 3rd Grade Teacher

Power Up

UNICEF Kid Power Ups get your kids moving, learning more, and saving lives with every dance they do. These videos were produced in collaboration with Les Mills / BORN TO MOVE™ classes, which take the effort out of activity by making it fun for kids of all ages. When you sign up, you get free access to a collection of interactive, age-appropriate dance and music videos that will add purpose to your activity breaks.

Save Lives

Each time your group completes 10 Kid Power Up videos, they unlock one packet of Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF). UNICEF uses RUTF to treat children suffering from severe acute malnutrition, a life-threatening condition that affects 16 million children worldwide. In a matter of months, a few hundred classrooms unlocked enough packets of RUTF to save the lives of nearly 400 severely malnourished children.

Get Started Now!

How many malnourished children could be saved if every classroom in the U.S. started doing UNICEF Kid Power Ups? We could end global malnutrition! Help us get started by signing up for UNICEF Kid Power Ups!

The kids liked seeing that something as simple as dancing could make a difference for other kids. - 4th Grade Teacher

Kid Power Ups FAQs

Are Kid Power Ups free?

Yes; UNICEF Kid Power Ups are free! If this ever changes we will notify all registered users in advance.

What are Kid Power Ups?

UNICEF Kid Power Ups are Brain Breaks That Save Lives and give kids the power to end global malnutrition, one DANCE MOVE at a time.
Kid Power Ups are short, interactive videos, three to five minutes in length, with simple dance moves and music that can be played virtually anywhere—from the classroom to the playing field. By completing UNICEF Kid Power Ups, groups unlock funding from partners which UNICEF uses to deliver lifesaving nutrition to severely malnourished children. The more kids DANCE, the more lives they save.
Each time a group completes a Kid Power Up video, they are one step closer to unlocking a therapeutic food packet to help treat a severely malnourished child. The more kids DANCE, the more lives they save.
Register to try UNICEF Kid Power Ups for free, and get access to a collection of Kid Power Up videos that will add purpose—the chance to save lives—to your activity breaks.
Active students make better learners. Research has shown that short activity breaks in the classroom improve students’ performance, focus and behavior. Kid Power Ups do all that plus give kids a chance to turn their  “brain breaks” into a lifeline for severely malnourished kids.
Kid Power Up videos were produced in collaboration with Les Mills / BORN TO MOVE™.

Do I need Kid Power Bands for Kid Power Ups?

Nope! You do not need a UNICEF Kid Power Band to do the videos! This a band-free and cost-free offering. Just register/sign in, hit play and get moving to unlock therapeutic food packets!

How often should I play Kid Power Up videos?

We encourage you to play at least one Kid Power Up video per week, but you're welcome to play as often as you like. They're great for getting rid of pre-test jitters, refocusing on a long day, and so much more.

Each video is about 5 minutes long. There are uptempo videos (with simple dance moves) and even some yoga videos to help kids relax and refocus!